Monday, March 22, 2010

Peter Kelly, President & CEO of WTC ?



If you can stand to listen to that abomination that bills itself as a “talk show” starring that all-knowing ( or, is that know it all ?) blowhard, Andrew Krystal, you will have heard him commiserating with his newest “best friend” , HRM Mayor, Peter Kelly as they extolled the virtues and potential millions someone will make when the new World Trade Center springs forth in Halifax. As usual, YOUR taxes will go to pay for it … but, your benefits will be “indirect”… that’s political speak for NONE. And, make no mistake about it, this thing is a DONE DEAL … as is usual in Nova Scotia.

The WTC is the great panacea for all of the economic ills that abound in HRM, if not the province, to hear Krystal tell it. We wondered what makes him ( Krystal) such an expert.

And the fact that he is, of late, so “buddy, buddy” with Kelly got us to thinking how come “Rim Job” would suddenly be pals with the Mayor … when he has gone out of his way, in the past, to rip him, deride and otherwise chastise Kelly for his mayoring skills.

Welllllll …. We started to ask around for answers to this and other pressing problems.

Our reliable sources tell us there is an excellent possibility that Peter Kelly is gearing up for the greener pastures of becoming the WTC’s newest CEO. Could it be that Kelly’s political clout trumps that of current CEO, Scott Ferguson?

Kelly’s curriculum vitae indicates a background in marketing and, certainly, his contacts made while in the mayor’s chair will stand him in very good stead for the top job in the WTC … and without all of the barbs and arrows that are inherent in the political arena, the CEO position would afford a very good salary and pension, not to mention the perks, for Peter Kelly … especially now, that provincial politicians will be under the gun for many years to come, the CEO of the WTC becomes a very attractive alternative to politics.

Maybe, if the contrite Krystal sucks ( and blows) hard enough, Peter Kelly will give him a nice, cushy position as the overly paid advertising director for this new trade and convention center.