Friday, November 5, 2010

Rogers 95.7 Radio, Fox News of The East Coast

... the new propaganda machine in Nova Scotia.

Rogers 95.7 and it’s host/salesman Jordi Morgan ( Glenn Beck) are nothing more than an infomercial on behalf of the business elite and its politicians. We are being fed a line of bullshit and propaganda by politicians of all stripes , at all levels, as to why "we need" this wasteful World Trade and Convention Centre. I sure as hell don't need it. I don't "need" my property taxes to go up and I certainly don't need to give some strange millionaire a big Christmas present of MY tax dollars so he can get richer.

This, in a nutshell is another example of a PUBLIC LIABILITY FOR PRIVATE PROFITS that is done so well in Nova Scotia. Steal from the poor to make the rich even more prosperous so thay can live in better homes than the rest of us, drive the expensive cars while we are told to use more public transportation, or do without certain medicines or surgical procedures so THEY can take our money and piss it away on specious projects whose costs will escalate when you're not looking ... because YOU won't be allowed to look. That's secret! That's proprietary information you dont' have any right to know. BUT IT"S YOUR MONEY!

Rogers 95.7 is not a talk show where the public is given a chance to express 'their” concerns, but, instead is a tool for a business community, which are nothing less than a bunch of corporate welfare bums(parasites), can go to scam taxpayers ( a la Bernie Madoff) with the complicity of the politicians( some of you put there) to pay for their pipedreams.We have a province where taxpayers are now shouldering a 13 billion dollar debt on one shoulder and HRM with a 32 million dollar debt on the other.

All the while city council, is making spending cuts to OUR public infrastructure ... for what ? So we can DO WITHOUT so the politicians and their Millionaire friends can play "entrepreneur" with OUR money and build a World Trade And Convention Center .

WE will get the bills and have our taxes hiked so these liars and thieves can smile for the cameras while they pat themselves on the back and tell everyone what great guys THEY are. So was John Gotti a great guy. He would kill people and steal their money ... but at Christmas time he would give away money and turkeys to the poor. The difference is OUR politicians, through their stealing and lying and plain old fashioned bullshitting are making each and every Nova Scotian poor, one penny at a time.

Just last week the governing NDP party cut 192 MILLION out of the education system ... but they are backing the IWK Hospital Foundation to solicit donations from those of us who use, or have used the services that we have been led to believe we already financed through our taxes. BUT the hospitals NEED MORE ... because “government” keeps giving away that infrastructure and services money ( YOUR TAX DOLLARS) on flyers to finance private business ventures. Is there no stopping these people? What is it going to take to get their attention and face the reality that there is no more water in the well.

Surely by now you must realize that no matter which party is in power , your wallet will be under attack. The NDP were brought into power as a party of new direction…well they have proven to all of us that they are not. The only thing Dexter and his crowd has managed to prove is that instead of stealing from your right pocket, they now steal from your left pocket as well. In fact, they would have no problem taking your kids' piggy bank if it means they can take care of their friends. Well, what about US? We pay the shot and don't have a say?

Then again , one must start to ask the question, who is in control , could it be that the bureaucracy and those we elect are nothing more than a bunch of puppets who have been put in place by a plutocracy that bankrolled their election so THEY could take the heat for a few years until they get their big pensions. This week we saw the vote in the USA drop to 42% , all because they voted for change and the Obama Democrats did not stand up and do as they promised they would.

Politicians and "government" had better pay close attention to what is developing into a knock down drag 'em out in the United States ... because it will soon be coming to a corner near you. You ( politicians) cannot continually lie and steal from the people for whom you are supposed to be employed by and not expect that they will eventually catch on to your game. And that game is to continually tell people you are NEW and that you are going to change things for the better. Yeah? When? When does the proof begin?

Taxpayers around the world are catching on and many of us are already staying away from the ballot box, simply because our vote does NOT make a difference. We did that last year, for one more time, and what did we get? A Premier who was stealing from us while he looked us straight in the eye. And, it wasn't just him. We found out that every party was represented with liars and thieves ... and those are just the ones we found out about.

Hopefully, we will have an election where no one shows up , because showing up only validates these political parties with an authority to continue THEIR abusive practices and "laws"... that their highly paid lawyers dream up ( on an ad hoc basis) to fuurther steal and scam the taxpayers of this province who cannot afford to move out. This current pitch for a new WORLD Trade And Convention Center is their latest. Just think about all of the other projects that "they" are asking "YOU" to pay for . just so the business community can use them as a calling card . to enhance "their" bottom line.

It is time for the business community to start reaching into their own pockets, instead of crying for more tax breaks while they take handouts from their sheep in "governments", which by the way are those taxes we pay.