Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Halifax City Council On A Roll

I can tell you this … it ain’t the people that someone thought they were electing to power. In fact, it’s been proven YOUR vote is not worth SHIT. The way these clowns do whatever the fuck they want is a good indicator we are governed by the MOB or a close facsimile. “Democratic government” is so much bullshit that’s been thrown by the wayside.

“Premier” Darrel Dexter, the guy who was helping himself to your tax dollars, along with too many other MLA’s , to buy “stuff” like expensive digital cameras … which, no doubt, has contributed to the 13 BILLION + debt in Nova Scotia, recently stated his PRIORITY is to fund ( with YOUR $$$) this fucking “WORLD” TRADE AND CONVENTION CENTER for some guy who blew into town looking for a handout so HE could make a BIG killing for him and his “investors”. In spite of the fact that recent experience in other venues across North America is showing negative profits ( like, NONE) for the same white elephants, all the while, TAXPAYERS will be on the hook to PAY for this bullshit … through the increased property and hidden taxes our “leaders” are planning to stick to us … without any consultation, referendums or regard for TRUTH.

What makes these fuckers such geniuses that they can see beyond the obvious? Audacity is what these assholes run on, plain and simple.

In a television news story the other night from the Boston area, there is a similar building being rammed through and, again, those against the project have cited eventual increased taxes against negative revenues … while the proponents are claiming that “1,500 jobs” will come about to build the thing and “4,000 jobs” after it’s built. In fact, this is the same bullshit Mayor Peter Kelly and Boss Dexter are quoting as justification for plunging you and I into deeper debt. In fact, these are the same, tired bullshit arguments and reasons someone used for our now having gambling casinos here. What gains have we made since? The problem was/is that there is a shit load of other places that bought into these same money laundering schemes. AND that’s all these things are … money laundering schemes to get some of the TRILLIONS of illicit drug money cleaned up and legitimized … on the backs of unsuspecting taxpayers.
NO, Darrel Dexter, the WTCC is NOT your reason for being, and should not be your fucking priority as you abuse your position to piss away OUR dollars that should be going into education and health care. EDUCATION is where doctors begin. EDUCATION is where teachers and nurses and damn near every other important job in a civilized world begins … with the exception, perhaps of lawyers and politicians … who take more than they contribute to society.

How about Peter Kelly? Here’s a guy who has become a disappointment … he’s done a 180 degree turn around from the days when he grandstanded, as he set himself up to run for the Mayor’s chair, by bringing his own chair into council … because he was against the outrageous cost of new chairs for Council Chambers at the time. Now, Pete Kelly’s Blues is ours, even though he is always “Moving FFForward” in his (hollow) rhetoric, he is taking the taxpayers of HRM BACKWARD with his attitude for getting everyone unlucky enough to be within the jurisdiction of this totally fucked up municipality … into further debt with bad management and a total disregard for fiscal responsibility ( like BOSS Dexter). Neither of these idiots are deserving, and should consider themselves criminals as they cash their inflated paycheques, “earned” for a piss poor job … done without any regard for reality or good, common sense.
So, Merry fucking Christmas … it may well be your last, as these assholes spend us all into oblivion … and you don’t believe we’re on the eve of destruction?



Meanwhile, your groceries will be limited to eating grass cuttings … but, don't be alarmed ... these dipshits outlawed
pesticides , so, you don’t die, immediately.


Friday, November 5, 2010

Rogers 95.7 Radio, Fox News of The East Coast

... the new propaganda machine in Nova Scotia.

Rogers 95.7 and it’s host/salesman Jordi Morgan ( Glenn Beck) are nothing more than an infomercial on behalf of the business elite and its politicians. We are being fed a line of bullshit and propaganda by politicians of all stripes , at all levels, as to why "we need" this wasteful World Trade and Convention Centre. I sure as hell don't need it. I don't "need" my property taxes to go up and I certainly don't need to give some strange millionaire a big Christmas present of MY tax dollars so he can get richer.

This, in a nutshell is another example of a PUBLIC LIABILITY FOR PRIVATE PROFITS that is done so well in Nova Scotia. Steal from the poor to make the rich even more prosperous so thay can live in better homes than the rest of us, drive the expensive cars while we are told to use more public transportation, or do without certain medicines or surgical procedures so THEY can take our money and piss it away on specious projects whose costs will escalate when you're not looking ... because YOU won't be allowed to look. That's secret! That's proprietary information you dont' have any right to know. BUT IT"S YOUR MONEY!

Rogers 95.7 is not a talk show where the public is given a chance to express 'their” concerns, but, instead is a tool for a business community, which are nothing less than a bunch of corporate welfare bums(parasites), can go to scam taxpayers ( a la Bernie Madoff) with the complicity of the politicians( some of you put there) to pay for their pipedreams.We have a province where taxpayers are now shouldering a 13 billion dollar debt on one shoulder and HRM with a 32 million dollar debt on the other.

All the while city council, is making spending cuts to OUR public infrastructure ... for what ? So we can DO WITHOUT so the politicians and their Millionaire friends can play "entrepreneur" with OUR money and build a World Trade And Convention Center .

WE will get the bills and have our taxes hiked so these liars and thieves can smile for the cameras while they pat themselves on the back and tell everyone what great guys THEY are. So was John Gotti a great guy. He would kill people and steal their money ... but at Christmas time he would give away money and turkeys to the poor. The difference is OUR politicians, through their stealing and lying and plain old fashioned bullshitting are making each and every Nova Scotian poor, one penny at a time.

Just last week the governing NDP party cut 192 MILLION out of the education system ... but they are backing the IWK Hospital Foundation to solicit donations from those of us who use, or have used the services that we have been led to believe we already financed through our taxes. BUT the hospitals NEED MORE ... because “government” keeps giving away that infrastructure and services money ( YOUR TAX DOLLARS) on flyers to finance private business ventures. Is there no stopping these people? What is it going to take to get their attention and face the reality that there is no more water in the well.

Surely by now you must realize that no matter which party is in power , your wallet will be under attack. The NDP were brought into power as a party of new direction…well they have proven to all of us that they are not. The only thing Dexter and his crowd has managed to prove is that instead of stealing from your right pocket, they now steal from your left pocket as well. In fact, they would have no problem taking your kids' piggy bank if it means they can take care of their friends. Well, what about US? We pay the shot and don't have a say?

Then again , one must start to ask the question, who is in control , could it be that the bureaucracy and those we elect are nothing more than a bunch of puppets who have been put in place by a plutocracy that bankrolled their election so THEY could take the heat for a few years until they get their big pensions. This week we saw the vote in the USA drop to 42% , all because they voted for change and the Obama Democrats did not stand up and do as they promised they would.

Politicians and "government" had better pay close attention to what is developing into a knock down drag 'em out in the United States ... because it will soon be coming to a corner near you. You ( politicians) cannot continually lie and steal from the people for whom you are supposed to be employed by and not expect that they will eventually catch on to your game. And that game is to continually tell people you are NEW and that you are going to change things for the better. Yeah? When? When does the proof begin?

Taxpayers around the world are catching on and many of us are already staying away from the ballot box, simply because our vote does NOT make a difference. We did that last year, for one more time, and what did we get? A Premier who was stealing from us while he looked us straight in the eye. And, it wasn't just him. We found out that every party was represented with liars and thieves ... and those are just the ones we found out about.

Hopefully, we will have an election where no one shows up , because showing up only validates these political parties with an authority to continue THEIR abusive practices and "laws"... that their highly paid lawyers dream up ( on an ad hoc basis) to fuurther steal and scam the taxpayers of this province who cannot afford to move out. This current pitch for a new WORLD Trade And Convention Center is their latest. Just think about all of the other projects that "they" are asking "YOU" to pay for . just so the business community can use them as a calling card . to enhance "their" bottom line.

It is time for the business community to start reaching into their own pockets, instead of crying for more tax breaks while they take handouts from their sheep in "governments", which by the way are those taxes we pay.

Friday, October 22, 2010

CBC NEWS -Mansbridge One On One


Peter Mansbridge presents a weekly interview program featuring ... Peter Mansbridge One on One: Favourite Conversations and the Stories Behind Them . CBC the public broadcaster may have been compromised by the actions of their key anchor, when he was summoned by the Bilderberg group to Spain on June 14, 2010.
At least five Canadians attended the four-day meeting in Spain earlier this month, including: CBC's Peter Mansbridge; former premier and ambassador Frank McKenna; Robert Prichard, the president of Ontario's Metrolinx; Indigo Books' Heather Reisman; and B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell.

Those choice Canucks sat down with Henry Kissinger, Bill Gates, Google boss Eric Schmidt and former U.S. Defense Policy board chairman Richard Perle, among 120 others from mostly Western Europe and the United States.

Almost since the secretive annual meetings began in 1954, ostensibly as a co-operative dialogue between North America and Western Europe to tackle global issues jointly, conspiracy theories have abounded about what actually happens behind the closed doors.
Some believe the group ¬ almost all of whom change from year to year - pick and choose who will win elections around the world, control the economy and fabricate recessions, and scheme to depose leaders who don't kowtow to the international cabal's desire of world domination.
One of the most prominent conspiracy theories suggests Bilderberg delegates are plotting to form a one-world government.

And while people are free to meet anywhere they like for whatever reasons - think of the Masonic Lodge - a public spending watchdog has issues with Campbell using public funds to attend the meetings.

"It's not clear what the taxpayers of British Columbia would get from him going," said Kevin Gaudet, the federal director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.
"He has to come clean on what the benefit to taxpayers is. Saying it was a networking meeting with mucky mucks internationally isn't good enough. He'd better come up with a better excuse than that."

A spokesman for Campbell said the talks focused on "economic issues" and that he, "attended as the Premier of B.C. and as such, his expenses were paid by the gov't (sic) of B.C."
Although Mansbridge did attend, CBC spokesman Jeff Keay said the public broadcaster didn't pay the chief correspondent's way.

"He went on his own dime, on his own time," Keay said.
According to a 2008 press release from the American Friends of the Bilderberg Group, there are no resolutions proposed at the meetings and no policy statements are ever issued.
"Participants are chosen for their experience, their knowledge and their standing; all participants attend Bilderberg in a private and not an official capacity," the statement reads.
The Bilderberg Conference was held in Kanata, just outside Ottawa in 2006.
If Peter Mansbridge paid for his trip, then did he get his money back from the Bilderberger's or did Indigo Books' Heather Reisman cover his expences? The question remains...why was Mansbridge there ? and Why hasn't he discussed on air , what went on? So, is the media receiving talking points from these people and what is "their agenda. The mainstream media have done little to nothing to take CBC or Mansbridge to task, why?

HRM Council Pushes for Pay Raise...

... while taxpayers eat cake

What we have here is a bunch of useless tools taking their marching orders from a gang of useless business people who are picking our pockets ..by using these elected sheep. These sheep reward themselves for putting the screws to us by giving themselves a pay raise , while we are expected to eat cake.

The two levels of "government" here in Nova Scotia are nothing more than private clubs and "WE" empower them with or vote , which only justifies how they go about picking our pockets.

Taxpayers here in Nova Scotia are being driven into poverty and it must stop. Has anyone ever added up all ofd the cost of the capital projects that the MLA's and HRM Council have signed onto ? Every time you enter the ballot box , you are opening the door to expolitation.

It is time we revisited this monster called democracy , because as it stands right now , it is NOT working for those of us who struggle every day to put food on our table , pay our bills, educate our children and it is sure as hell not working for our senior citizens.

This latest wasteful deal that we are being forced into , yes the WTC Centre is just another couple of hundred million dollars being added to the provincila debt and the debt of HRM and the only winners will be people like Scott Ferguson, a few business bums who could not make it on their own and those politically connected. And we (taxpayers) will pay the bills.

In closing , I have a suggestion that might be worth while in bringing this trash politics to and end...put a sign on your home that says, NO POLITICIAN ALLOWED ON PROPERTY and for gods sake , STOP SUPPORTING THIS SYSTEM BY VOTING .

Friday, October 8, 2010

NS considers sale of aging convention centre

....How much will it go for ? Firesale deal to political friend

Leanne Hachey is the Executive Director for Nova Scotia Federation of Independent Business
was on 95.7 Talk show with host Rick Howe . Her cry for lower business taxes once again has not been called into question by the host Rick Howe.

Here we have the CFIB lobbying governments for tax cuts and at the same time supporting the construction of a New World Convention Centre. It looks like the business community wants the working poor to finance a project that “THEY” will benefit from , while homeowners are forced to face higher taxes. Doesn't Ms Hachey realize that taxes are the fuel that finances her associates projects ? The Business community benefit from all the services...maybe it is time to start taxing those properties belonging to the CHURCH , why should they avoid property taxes and service charges?

If all the capital spending that HRM and the province has planned , is carried out, we homeowners will be on the hook for the following. New bus terminals, New garage, New Library, New widening of streets, Winter Games, The Failed Sewage Water Treatment Infrastructure, World Trade Centre, Rinks, New Schools, New Fast Ferry from Bedford and a multitude of other projects yet to be announced.

What appears to be good for Halifax is not so good for those areas that were drug into ALMAGIATION , other than the fact , they are being used to finance capital projects in HRM , that will be of no benefit to them.

What we have here in Nova Scotia is a “BUREAUUCRACY “ with very little insight and a bunch of elected “TOOLS” , who have little to no respect for the working poor or retired citizens, this is a province with one of the fast growing aging population and one where our youth have been leaving in droves. The name of the game they are playing is nothing more than a game to drain the citizens out of every cent they earn. Top the spending practices of HRM and the Province off with the spending practices of Ottawa and we are being run into the ground by people who are spending us into bankruptcy. This provinces DEBT is growing and that is a fact.

Just think about the past 4 months in Ottawa…35 Billion for Warships..25 Billion plus for fighter jets and lets not forget the 1.2 Billion they forked out for the G8 and G20. Then we have all the big tax breaks Ottawa has been giving big oil and mining companies like Valley..yes Valley Mining just got 1 Billion. To be honest politicians and bureaucrats are taking us down a road that will backfire. It is a safe bet that we will lose our health care and we will see fees for service in the very near future increase, while we are still forced to pay those very taxes that are collected for service we will no longer have. Face it people, “government” have created a false economy by using our taxes to finance a business community rife with greed.

I was never told that my taxes would be used to finance projects for a business community whose claim to fame is, “we live in a free market Capitalists Society “, what I want to know is why have the business community turned into Communist Capitalists society , that thrives on government for capital? A system where state dollars finance "their" profits.

People, “government” is no longer ours , “government “ it has become our enemy . The very people we elect are not politicians for the citizens, they are business sheep in drag.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Howard Epstein talks about the costly Convention Centre


What are the odds that Howard Epstein gets to stay as a party member of Darrell Dexter's NDP ?

Well it looks pretty good for Epstein, except he must shut his mouth and stay away from media. The big problem for Dexter, he had no choice but to leave Epstein alone. If Howard keeps telling the truth about the party's dirty little secrets, the NDP will bleed to death.

Since Howard pre-empted the secretive Bill Estabrooks' announcement of how much the new World Trade and Convention Center is going to cost YOU, Dexter and company had to go into repair mode, while appearing nonchalant. For years, you will recall Bill Estabrooks' continual appearances on the old Hot Line Show, hosted by Estabrooks' friend, Rick Howe, as he carefully crafted his credibility as a straight shooter and critic of the secretive goings on of the CONservative government ... most recently headed by the duplicitous Rodney MacDonald.

These days we find that, suddenly, secrecy is OK , but only if it's the DEXTER NDP "government" that's hiding things from you. Like expensive digital cameras and all sorts of things you didn't know your tax dollars were being used for.

Once again, crooked and secret is OK ... unless you're Howard Epstein, who, apparently doesn't agree.

This Council is out to bankrupt the taxpayers of HRM . To date, we are on the hook for a new Metro Bus Garage, New Bus Terminals, Winter Games, New Library, and, let's not forget that failed stinking sewage plant. And everywhere I look I see new vehicles, that we must pay for.

On top of all this, there is the cry from Councillor Sue Who for a new FOOTBALL STADIUM ... so she can have her husband's name IMMORTALIZED. THen there's Councillor Dawn Slooone , pushing for a new World Trade and Convention Centre. Higher Taxes you ask? Dawn says there's NO WORRY about that ..... BECAUSE ...... ( wait for it).... she lives in a public subsidized housing project.

Now Mayor Kelly want to set up a bus commision and you can bet that it will be loaded up with more political tools or as they call themselves ...BUREAUCRATS , which you will have to pay for too! What it all boils down to is we are being exploited , so "THEY" can feed this false economy, with more government jobs, something the business community are unable to DO.

AND, while these clowns are on a spending spree, they are telling city staff to find places to cut back, because the city is BROKE. So...this can only mean that once again this bunch of political tools, plan to raise YOUR taxes. Don't count on Dexter's NDPee to help you either ... they're part of the problem.

The province has no money to help taxpayers ... because, according to Finance Minister "Gimme" Steal, the province is broke. If Steal is telling the truth ( and we should believe everything he says is the truth) then, either the NDPee has planted a money tree or they intend to JACK YOUR TAXES some more. It's time these jerks were told where to get off ... the little people who are lucky enough to be working at real JOBS in this province are tired of being exploited, lied to, and ripped off by "governments" who think we're printing it. Do ya think we could get the Canadian Mint to relocate to Halifax?

Just Released

September 30th 2010: We have just learned that senior bureaucrats, Chamber of Commerce and The Federation of Independent Small Business warned Minister Bill Estabrooks, that the NDP better approve funding for the WTC . The Minister is under great pressure to pick the pockets of the taxpayers , because the business community wants this building. So once again, we are being set up to finance a business venture, which the business community are not willing to do themselves. In other words, the pigs are at it again. We will build it, we will pay for it and WE TAXPAYERS will pay for the wages and upkeep. The business community will make the profit.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Nova Scotia MLA's Involved in Spending Scandal...

... will escape criminal charges.

It is being rumored that the MLA's involved in the spending scandal will escape the long arm of the law, because proscuation of the guilty would be the final nail into the coffin of Nova Scotia politics. There is a plan being put together by politically connected lawyers to create a time lapse that will conflict with them coming to trial , thus letting them all off the hook. Once again the taxpayers / voters will see justice denied. Case in point , Liberal MLA Dave Wilson is one such elected who has used your vote to improve his life ands his families while you are struggling.

It is time we all faced the truth , that these political parties are nothing more than self-serving gangs, whose only purpose is to exploit and use our votes to feast off of our backs. Over the past thirty years Nova Scotian's have been used by these political parties to fatten the pockets of their friends, from stealing away Crown lands, filling their pockets with our taxes and yes putting in place fat pensions, all the while we common people are let to struggle.

The only way to clean up this system is to refuse to vote, because voting has proven "we" are only assisting in our own exploition. We do not live in a democratic society, we have been sold a bill of goods and it is time we woke to hell up. To many lawyers in politics ...they are doing very well , thanks to the dirty political system "THEY" have constructed .