Thursday, September 16, 2010

Nova Scotia MLA's Involved in Spending Scandal...

... will escape criminal charges.

It is being rumored that the MLA's involved in the spending scandal will escape the long arm of the law, because proscuation of the guilty would be the final nail into the coffin of Nova Scotia politics. There is a plan being put together by politically connected lawyers to create a time lapse that will conflict with them coming to trial , thus letting them all off the hook. Once again the taxpayers / voters will see justice denied. Case in point , Liberal MLA Dave Wilson is one such elected who has used your vote to improve his life ands his families while you are struggling.

It is time we all faced the truth , that these political parties are nothing more than self-serving gangs, whose only purpose is to exploit and use our votes to feast off of our backs. Over the past thirty years Nova Scotian's have been used by these political parties to fatten the pockets of their friends, from stealing away Crown lands, filling their pockets with our taxes and yes putting in place fat pensions, all the while we common people are let to struggle.

The only way to clean up this system is to refuse to vote, because voting has proven "we" are only assisting in our own exploition. We do not live in a democratic society, we have been sold a bill of goods and it is time we woke to hell up. To many lawyers in politics ...they are doing very well , thanks to the dirty political system "THEY" have constructed .