Friday, April 30, 2010

Politics In Nova Scotia ...

.... run by corrupt political parties .

Where's Dave Wilson? Here was a guy who suddenly resigned from his position as a Nova Scotia MLA and the "Media" was all over the story … especially, when it was intimated that Wilson had engaged a lawyer. NOW… nothing !

What's happened is that Wilson and his "friends" and fellow parasites in "government" are waiting for the public furor to subside, which it apparently has … then THEY wait until the clock runs out … then, announce to all and sundry that the time limit has expired ( THEY created the time limit) and nothing can be done. This is how these crooked fcukers take care of each other.

Why would THEY do that? Because, if one gets nailed, it might cause a public clamor for a complete investigation into past thefts by those of all political partieswho have been doing the same things.

Or, is this simply a situation where Dave Wilson holds secrets that will insure his immunity from prosecution?

Whatever the reason, the people of Nova Scotia will never get redress or the real story from any of these lying, crooked bastards … who are apparently above any of the laws the rest of us are required to abide by.

Where is the MEDIA in all of this? THEIR complicity in allowing this story to die a nice, quiet death is evident.

What of Richard Hurlburt, Bill Dooks and Bill Estabrooks? Or, the spendthrift hypocrite and ace bullshitter, John MacDonnell?They have all stolen from YOU and No ONE says shit.

YOU should remember this when the next election is called and stay the hell home … keep away from the ballot box. Political parties are vehicles used to hijack your government, then they use the taxation system to extort your hard earned dollars, so they can feed their business associates.