Friday, October 8, 2010

NS considers sale of aging convention centre

....How much will it go for ? Firesale deal to political friend

Leanne Hachey is the Executive Director for Nova Scotia Federation of Independent Business
was on 95.7 Talk show with host Rick Howe . Her cry for lower business taxes once again has not been called into question by the host Rick Howe.

Here we have the CFIB lobbying governments for tax cuts and at the same time supporting the construction of a New World Convention Centre. It looks like the business community wants the working poor to finance a project that “THEY” will benefit from , while homeowners are forced to face higher taxes. Doesn't Ms Hachey realize that taxes are the fuel that finances her associates projects ? The Business community benefit from all the services...maybe it is time to start taxing those properties belonging to the CHURCH , why should they avoid property taxes and service charges?

If all the capital spending that HRM and the province has planned , is carried out, we homeowners will be on the hook for the following. New bus terminals, New garage, New Library, New widening of streets, Winter Games, The Failed Sewage Water Treatment Infrastructure, World Trade Centre, Rinks, New Schools, New Fast Ferry from Bedford and a multitude of other projects yet to be announced.

What appears to be good for Halifax is not so good for those areas that were drug into ALMAGIATION , other than the fact , they are being used to finance capital projects in HRM , that will be of no benefit to them.

What we have here in Nova Scotia is a “BUREAUUCRACY “ with very little insight and a bunch of elected “TOOLS” , who have little to no respect for the working poor or retired citizens, this is a province with one of the fast growing aging population and one where our youth have been leaving in droves. The name of the game they are playing is nothing more than a game to drain the citizens out of every cent they earn. Top the spending practices of HRM and the Province off with the spending practices of Ottawa and we are being run into the ground by people who are spending us into bankruptcy. This provinces DEBT is growing and that is a fact.

Just think about the past 4 months in Ottawa…35 Billion for Warships..25 Billion plus for fighter jets and lets not forget the 1.2 Billion they forked out for the G8 and G20. Then we have all the big tax breaks Ottawa has been giving big oil and mining companies like Valley..yes Valley Mining just got 1 Billion. To be honest politicians and bureaucrats are taking us down a road that will backfire. It is a safe bet that we will lose our health care and we will see fees for service in the very near future increase, while we are still forced to pay those very taxes that are collected for service we will no longer have. Face it people, “government” have created a false economy by using our taxes to finance a business community rife with greed.

I was never told that my taxes would be used to finance projects for a business community whose claim to fame is, “we live in a free market Capitalists Society “, what I want to know is why have the business community turned into Communist Capitalists society , that thrives on government for capital? A system where state dollars finance "their" profits.

People, “government” is no longer ours , “government “ it has become our enemy . The very people we elect are not politicians for the citizens, they are business sheep in drag.