Friday, October 22, 2010

HRM Council Pushes for Pay Raise...

... while taxpayers eat cake

What we have here is a bunch of useless tools taking their marching orders from a gang of useless business people who are picking our pockets using these elected sheep. These sheep reward themselves for putting the screws to us by giving themselves a pay raise , while we are expected to eat cake.

The two levels of "government" here in Nova Scotia are nothing more than private clubs and "WE" empower them with or vote , which only justifies how they go about picking our pockets.

Taxpayers here in Nova Scotia are being driven into poverty and it must stop. Has anyone ever added up all ofd the cost of the capital projects that the MLA's and HRM Council have signed onto ? Every time you enter the ballot box , you are opening the door to expolitation.

It is time we revisited this monster called democracy , because as it stands right now , it is NOT working for those of us who struggle every day to put food on our table , pay our bills, educate our children and it is sure as hell not working for our senior citizens.

This latest wasteful deal that we are being forced into , yes the WTC Centre is just another couple of hundred million dollars being added to the provincila debt and the debt of HRM and the only winners will be people like Scott Ferguson, a few business bums who could not make it on their own and those politically connected. And we (taxpayers) will pay the bills.

In closing , I have a suggestion that might be worth while in bringing this trash politics to and end...put a sign on your home that says, NO POLITICIAN ALLOWED ON PROPERTY and for gods sake , STOP SUPPORTING THIS SYSTEM BY VOTING .