Friday, June 25, 2010

CBC's Peter Mansbridge ....

...attends Bilderberg meeting in Spain June 14 , 2010 , Why?

CBC Peter Mansbridge and B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell were at the Bilderberg meeting in Spain on 14 Jun 2010. This was a huge agenda of global issues which was crammed into four days of 'secret' meetings by a mysterious group of power brokers. But who elected them and why are we paying for them?

Neither Peter Mansbridge or Premier Gordon Campbell talked about this meeting upon their return to Canada, why? It should be very concerning to Canadian taxpayers when a representative of “their” public broadcaster was there and he had not one word to say about this private meeting.

We have made contact with reporter Charlie Skelton from the Guardian UK and he will be forwarding more information on this meeting . Please visit the link ( ) for more on this story. How can you trust the media when they hang out with this bunch of thieves?