Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Howard Epstein talks about the costly Convention Centre


What are the odds that Howard Epstein gets to stay as a party member of Darrell Dexter's NDP ?

Well it looks pretty good for Epstein, except he must shut his mouth and stay away from media. The big problem for Dexter, he had no choice but to leave Epstein alone. If Howard keeps telling the truth about the party's dirty little secrets, the NDP will bleed to death.

Since Howard pre-empted the secretive Bill Estabrooks' announcement of how much the new World Trade and Convention Center is going to cost YOU, Dexter and company had to go into repair mode, while appearing nonchalant. For years, you will recall Bill Estabrooks' continual appearances on the old Hot Line Show, hosted by Estabrooks' friend, Rick Howe, as he carefully crafted his credibility as a straight shooter and critic of the secretive goings on of the CONservative government ... most recently headed by the duplicitous Rodney MacDonald.

These days we find that, suddenly, secrecy is OK , but only if it's the DEXTER NDP "government" that's hiding things from you. Like expensive digital cameras and all sorts of things you didn't know your tax dollars were being used for.

Once again, crooked and secret is OK ... unless you're Howard Epstein, who, apparently doesn't agree.

This Council is out to bankrupt the taxpayers of HRM . To date, we are on the hook for a new Metro Bus Garage, New Bus Terminals, Winter Games, New Library, and, let's not forget that failed stinking sewage plant. And everywhere I look I see new vehicles, that we must pay for.

On top of all this, there is the cry from Councillor Sue Who for a new FOOTBALL STADIUM ... so she can have her husband's name IMMORTALIZED. THen there's Councillor Dawn Slooone , pushing for a new World Trade and Convention Centre. Higher Taxes you ask? Dawn says there's NO WORRY about that ..... BECAUSE ...... ( wait for it).... she lives in a public subsidized housing project.

Now Mayor Kelly want to set up a bus commision and you can bet that it will be loaded up with more political tools or as they call themselves ...BUREAUCRATS , which you will have to pay for too! What it all boils down to is we are being exploited , so "THEY" can feed this false economy, with more government jobs, something the business community are unable to DO.

AND, while these clowns are on a spending spree, they are telling city staff to find places to cut back, because the city is BROKE. So...this can only mean that once again this bunch of political tools, plan to raise YOUR taxes. Don't count on Dexter's NDPee to help you either ... they're part of the problem.

The province has no money to help taxpayers ... because, according to Finance Minister "Gimme" Steal, the province is broke. If Steal is telling the truth ( and we should believe everything he says is the truth) then, either the NDPee has planted a money tree or they intend to JACK YOUR TAXES some more. It's time these jerks were told where to get off ... the little people who are lucky enough to be working at real JOBS in this province are tired of being exploited, lied to, and ripped off by "governments" who think we're printing it. Do ya think we could get the Canadian Mint to relocate to Halifax?

Just Released

September 30th 2010: We have just learned that senior bureaucrats, Chamber of Commerce and The Federation of Independent Small Business warned Minister Bill Estabrooks, that the NDP better approve funding for the WTC . The Minister is under great pressure to pick the pockets of the taxpayers , because the business community wants this building. So once again, we are being set up to finance a business venture, which the business community are not willing to do themselves. In other words, the pigs are at it again. We will build it, we will pay for it and WE TAXPAYERS will pay for the wages and upkeep. The business community will make the profit.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Nova Scotia MLA's Involved in Spending Scandal...

... will escape criminal charges.

It is being rumored that the MLA's involved in the spending scandal will escape the long arm of the law, because proscuation of the guilty would be the final nail into the coffin of Nova Scotia politics. There is a plan being put together by politically connected lawyers to create a time lapse that will conflict with them coming to trial , thus letting them all off the hook. Once again the taxpayers / voters will see justice denied. Case in point , Liberal MLA Dave Wilson is one such elected who has used your vote to improve his life ands his families while you are struggling.

It is time we all faced the truth , that these political parties are nothing more than self-serving gangs, whose only purpose is to exploit and use our votes to feast off of our backs. Over the past thirty years Nova Scotian's have been used by these political parties to fatten the pockets of their friends, from stealing away Crown lands, filling their pockets with our taxes and yes putting in place fat pensions, all the while we common people are let to struggle.

The only way to clean up this system is to refuse to vote, because voting has proven "we" are only assisting in our own exploition. We do not live in a democratic society, we have been sold a bill of goods and it is time we woke to hell up. To many lawyers in politics ...they are doing very well , thanks to the dirty political system "THEY" have constructed .


...N.D.P leader Jack Layton,

has warned MP's that if they do not come up with enough votes to save the Long Gun Registery, he will punish those who fail to fall in line. According to MP Peter Stoffer he feels that this kind of politics is destroying any faith voters might have in the system.

Several other MP's feel that the democratic process is a big lie and are considering if they will even run in the next election.