Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Nova Scotia Scandal ....

...understand now what is happening yet, within the internal economy board.

Nova Scotia Finance Minister, Graham Steal, said in a recent statement: “We of the Nova Scotia New Democratic Party regret that some of our members (including Premier Darrell Dexter) have been caught buying stuff and using taxpayers’ hard earned dollars for our personal pleasure. We intend to work doubly hard to win back your trust and confidence as we sharpen our pencils in preparation for our first budget.”

For the first time, in a long time, we at Deep Throat Cove have been proven wrong. In various pieces we tacitly agreed that Nova Scotia’s New Democrats deserved a shot at governing the province because they could be no worse than the others and it would take them at least four years to learn to steal. These canny devils proved they are just as adept as the CONservatives and Liberals at stealing and lying … and, to think they accomplished this in less than one year.

AMAZING! But not surprising when you consider they have been understudying some of the more accomplished thieves and liars who have populated both of the parties that have been “government” in Nova Scotia in the past.

Premier Dexter, all flushed and contrite as he apologized to the people, has sort of alluded to some kind of “oversight board” thingy (didn’t he?) as he mentioned that Art Donahoe (another f****ing lawyer and ex-CONservative “government” member ) is looking into ways of making the system appear more transparent and open in the future and ensuring those who decide to steal are not so easily caught. Donahoe is the same parasite (objective third party) who championed the last round of big raises for MLA’s. How much are we expected to shell out to Art Donahoe for this latest job?

Why are WE paying the big salaries and allowances out to MLA’s if they are incapable of formatting proper rules and regulations? They are NOT doing the job. They are not LEADERS. They have proven to be no better than common criminals who flaunt laws and betray us all. Everyone of them should be up on charges ... as the rest of us would be.

This question came up in conversation recently with a few of the abused taxpayers of this province: “If governments/ governing political parties can have internal economy boards then, why can't the provinces or the nation? “

The answers that came up boiled down to this as we discussed some sort of oversight
committee that could ride herd on governments and their members who steal public monies and abuse the public trust … as has been the norm in Nova Scotia forever.

The conclusion is a frightening prospect, but might become necessary when those we elect resort to tyranny in the form of dictatorial rule.

There's no reason why they couldn't. That said, how would you define such a board, what would be their mandate ... and most important, what power would they have?

Ideally, such an organization would be composed of interested citizens ... with the power to arrest politicians and bureaucrats who commit theft or breach of trust and abuse power. They would be picked at random (like a jury)to serve a defined term of two years.

At present, in Nova Scotia, those roles are performed, to some (selective) degree by The Speaker of the House ( basically, another of the "old boys") or the Inspector General ( again, one of the boys, or certainly a friend sympathetic to the government in power that names him. This method of doing things has been one of the (traditional) weak links in a system that allows and contributes to the resultant problems we are witnessing today.

And, let's say those thieving politicians were charged with common theft under the Federal Criminal Code ... what are the odds that a protracted trial will yield a conviction? ... when you consider that judges, at all levels in this country, come out of the same milieu as all political appointments within the various levels of government.

The same good old boys and elitist's club that have provided and controlled who we get to vote for since forever.

Those judges, of course, come out of the pool of practicing lawyers, who, in the majority of cases form the cadre of “movers and shakers” within all political parties.

This is why, you will find upon close examination, it is damned near impossible to break these bastards and bring them to account.

The only way to effect real transparency, when politicians and bureaucrats simply cover up and deny taxpayers details of what THEY are doing, then, becomes revolt, insurrection ... a clash of one force against the other.

The problem here then becomes a question of who is right. Those in power ( government) can say the insurrectionists have broken the law(s) (THEY wrote) because they are forcibly demanding answers that have been denied ... even though their fight may be moral and righteous ... while the people in power will surely back up their position with a selective interpretation of those laws that favor their position, right or wrongly ... and all enforced with police, armies and courts that can eviscerate you and your arguments ... all nice and legal. Always legal.

To me, it's coming down to the law of the jungle ... if I have no food and you do (I'm bigger than you, or I have a gun ... or hired guns like the government) I will take your food and kill you if you try to stop me. That's how Royalty evolved.

All of the other niceties are now just bullshit that was conjured up over the years to make the masses feel they were participants and had a voice in determining how they were governed (voting) ... after all, you cannot complain about something "your" government has done to you if it was you who put them in their position of power ....right?

At last, it has finally come to pass, that when you VOTE ... you will literally " go f**k yourself " That’s the power in your vote. YOU get to Pick the DICtator you prefer for the next four years.

That’s exactly all you are doing … because your lousy little vote is worth nothing more.
Those who populate governments and engineer the elections that allow politicians to steal from you only want your vote to validate the system that THEY have set up to screw you.
Joseph Stalin did it. Idi Amin did it. Robert Mugabe is still doing it. There are others you can name, I'm sure.

There is no reason to BELIEVE or TRUST anymore … in organized religions, governments and politicians, police (RCMP for sure) as our civilization slips back into a scenario straight out of the Middle Ages.

What if they held an election and NOBODY came?