Friday, February 12, 2010

Scandal, Nova Scotia taxpayers ...

...being robbed with a briefcase, the get away car, is a political party

To some extent the people of Nova Scotia ARE responsible for this sorry state of affairs. The people of Nova Scotia are not too bright. In fact they continue to be gullible … trusting one political party after another to provide honesty and transparency in government when history indicates systemic addictions to a negative dynamic.

This latest go round in provincial politics is no exception ... when elements of the population made the great mistake of exchanging one group of thieves and liars for what they were given to believe would be a new deal from Darrell Dexter’s New Democrats.
If Darrell Dexter and his band of Merry Misfits are so concerned about changing things for the better in Nova Scotia finances, there are a number of things he can do, give us back what you picked out of our pockets.

Dexter should be forced out of the party, and the other elected light fingered Houdini’s should resign. The Auditor General has no other choice but to re-open this audit, and together with the RCMP criminal fraud division and at least two outside auditing firms. All documents related to their expense accounts and all other monies that were just handed over to these MLA’s which did not require receipts must be investigated. And I would suggest that Revenue Canada be called in, to see just how much of this free money was not claimed on “their” income tax.
Here we have children going hungry, seniors going without food, heat or medication because they cannot afford one or the other.

It is a safe bet, judging by the way they treat out taxes, they also treat many, many people who try to communicate or set up a meeting with them, I know how they have treated me and I will no-longer support a political system that is geared to ignore me and abuse me, just because I am not one who flies in their circles of high flying political friends or am a lawyer.

You know, we never heard one word out of the NSGEU or the Nova Scotia Federation of Labour about this, you know why? Because “they” helped their buddy Darrell win the NDP leadership race.

I hope that Nova Scotian’s take a lesson from this, I hope that they stay away from the ballot box on election day and please ignore those in the media whose only claim to fame is that “we must vote “, because that is our only way to correct the system. Really, then why are we all where we are today, if voting one crook out worked. It doesn’t, it never will as long as the candidate is controlled by the party. And please, the next time a candidate knocks on your door, ask what his profession is, and if he says he or she is a lawyer.... run, run away fast and hard, while keeping your hand on your wallet.

Cheers Wayne Coady and Happy Valentines